Baby McNaughton



From Michigan but living in Germany

Married to a U.S Airman

This is a journal of our first pregnancy :)


I went to the hospital for my 40 week appointment. After the annoyance of waiting a half an hour past my time (that they asked me to reschedule an hour in advance), I saw my favorite doctor. She checked my cervix to see if I was open at all. NOPE. Still “super soft, but closed”. -_-

It looks like baby girl is just comfortable where she is. 



Can/will anyone tell me what it feels like before your water broke? 

I’m excited to go back to Michigan in March.

Oh, and in my time awake..

I decided that I’m going to make K a doll house when she’s older. 

And if she wants one..


Brock came into our room at 6:39 this morning; loudly. 

I couldn’t go back to sleep for 2 hours. 

Daisy wouldn’t stop panting for a half hour straight. 

I got 1 more hour of sleep. 

Brock decided to take up the entire bed. Since I’m still pregnant, I can only lay on my side. Therefore, I couldn’t move. I got so annoyed, so I decided to get up for the day. 

Come down the stairs; Daisy spit up a half eaten leaf from last night. So the entire floor was wet. I cleaned it up. 

Then I had to put the soup I made into a freezer bag and of course I spilled some on me. 

So. I made myself a big cup of coffee. 

I deserve it. 

Today is my due date.

Yet, no baby. :( 

I WANT HER HERE! She has 1 hour and 5 minutes until the day is officially over. 

I’m having little period like cramps.

Making my back hurt and my lower tummy hurt. 

Does this mean I’m going to go into labor and have my child on her due date? (Rhetorical question..)

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